Elevate your alignment, energy, and success.

“I am expanding! And you are a big part of it. Working with you is the awesome sauce we all need. Today’s Elevate session raised my vibration to the sky. And it’s no surprise a new client just hired me. You are a gift. “❤️💋


Ready to release what’s been holding you back from

manifesting unlimited abundance?

The biggest problem I see with people not being able to manifest what they desire is mindset.  Mindset is the key to manifesting everything.  It doesn’t matter if you are trying to manifest health, love or money, your beliefs about yourself, your value, and how you fit in to the world change how much you can receive.

How do you manifest your heart’s desire…?

By guiding your emotions and your energy to create abundance in your reality.

How you feel really matters and changes how and when your order to the Universe gets delivered.  To manifest consistently one must be in alignment with what they’ve asked for and that means ‘feeling good.’ I am a big supporter in resolving emotional baggage in order manifest faster and easier.  In case you are wondering, this work isn’t hard to do, it can be simple, quick and permanent.

So, if you’re having trouble manifesting right now it may be because you have some limiting beliefs, unresolved negative emotions or traumas that keep you feeling bad.  You might even have negative experiences that get triggered all the time making it impossible to feel good at all.

I created this group session for spiritual people who are frustrated because they are unable to FEEL GOOD, even though they have read all the books, taken the classes and done the therapy and they still don’t feel happy, in fact they struggle, settle for less, feel anxious, unhappy and can’t manifest what they ‘want’.  To speak to a bigger point…

They are unable to do their soul’s work in the world and have the abundance they really deserve.

The weekly Elevate Group Sessions won’t fix everything in an hour and really it isn’t meant to, I have programs for that.  What they can do is get someone in alignment again, clear a limiting beliefs and resolve negative emotions, help you get unstuck and get in to flow and ease, so that you can have an abundant income, feel passionate about your life again, and make an impact in the world doing what you love.

Elevate Sessions are group healing sessions structured to raise your vibration and allow your super conscious and higher self to adjust, replenish you and connect you to divine energy.

Elevate your alignment, energy, and success.  Release what’s been holding you back from manifesting unlimited abundance. Create momentum with ease and flow.

During these sessions Conde will lift your vibration for you, giving you the opportunity to heal, balance and recharge.

Each Elevate Session will help you release negative emotions, disempowering beliefs, and traumas that keep you from manifesting your desires.  A deep dive workbook will be provided to help you identify specific issues bring to the session for release.

Nothing is required of you during the session other than to simply be present with an open mind and heart. Spiritual lifting will occur in a variety of ways and each participant’s experience will be individual to them. Experiences will be different for every individual and may range from deep relaxation and energetic realignment to conscious communication with your higher self, guides, and loved ones.

What if I can’t make the session?
While attending at the time of the session will give you the most benefit, please know if you are unable to attend but have paid for a seat, you will still be included in the Elevate Session no matter where you are and you’ll receive the healing energy so you can balance and recharge.  Sessions are also recorded so that you can access them later.

If you can’t make it live sessions are recorded for your convenience.

You can register here: https://MyCocoonAppointment.as.me/ELEVATE
Investment in your future: $33