Private Program

This is a powerful transformational program that will help you discover the core issues that are keeping you stuck… the negative emotions, past negative experiences, limiting beliefs, fears, and more, so that you can eliminate them, get unstuck, and finally move forward in your life and be happy.


And the reality is that there is nothing more powerful and effective at rewiring the unconscious brain and eliminating these blocks than essential oils, tapping and energy healing. This customized program will allow you to finally create the life you know you deserve!

You will expand your mindset, connection to source and identity allowing you to have more flow and ease in your life.

Fall in love with self-care routines that are easy to do and build self-acceptance and awareness.

Experience a state of being that is so aligned with your purpose that it creates an easy flow of abundance.

​Imagine living an enlightened life and having more time, money and freedom to make a big impact in the world doing what you love.

The 12-Week Program includes:

·        Weekly private sessions with Conde that include channeled coaching, tapping, super concious clearing, energy healing, and  essential oils.

·        Weekly mantras

·        Weekly workbooks for self-discovery and expansion

·        Recommendations on essential oils for specific emotional issues and blocks

·        Unlimited energy clearings between sessions

·        Optimizer grid – increases connection to higher self and plugs you in to energy centers throughout the galaxy.

·        Manifesting Team – your team of spirit superstars to manifest your heart’s desire.

·        Soul integration – reassembles shattered souls.

·        Letting go essential oil blend to use before tapping on limiting beliefs and blocks.

·        Tapping pocket guide

For more information please schedule a FREE 20-minute Connection Session with Conde.

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