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Step One: Choose Your Payment Option

Select the payment option that is right for you by clicking the link in the payment option title.

Option #1

Payment in Full: The fee for the Creating Divine Momentum program is $3,997. Payment is accepted in cash, checks, or credit cards. Payment in full is preferable; as a bonus, you’ll receive a 10% discount which means a savings of $399.70.

Total investment when paid in full $3,597.30.

Option #2

6 Month Payment Plan: Clients will be charged $699.47 when they purchase this, then $699.47 per month for a total of 6 payments. Fees for the plan: $199

Total investment with a 6-month payment plan is $4,196.82 total.

Payments are made through Square via Acuity Scheduling.

Step Two:  Fill out forms here:

Assessment Forms and Client Information Form.

Step Three:

Schedule all your session appointments. You will find the link in the order receipt email you received after making your payment.  The ‘Schedule’ link is highlighted in blue click it to schedule your 60-minute sessions.

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