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I’m a modern mystic helping women remember who they are so they can activate their full potential, step into their authentic power, and manifest their wildest dreams.

A lot of people claim to be transformational. Conde and her process is the transformational real deal.

Connie Dorigan

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Picture having a guidebook to your soul, a secret treasure map revealing your unique gifts and purpose, showcasing the magic you bring to this world.

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I’m a modern mystic, teacher, manifestation mentor, and expert at clearing emotional pain (baggage, trauma, and conditioning) that makes women feel like they are stuck and sinking in quicksand.

My powerful step-by-step proven method gets you unstuck and aligned with your purpose so you can manifest the life and business of your dreams (sprinkled with miracles) without hustle and BS.

Here’s my goal…

I want to see you manifest your heart’s desire, unlock your potential, manifest unlimited possibilities, find happiness, and be utterly shocked by the transformation that has created a life you love from the inside out.

What if this was your new reality…

✓ Waking up every morning deeply satisfied with your life and business

✓ Opportunities, people, miracles and synchronicities galore

✓ Finally feeling like what you have and who you are is “good enough”

✓ Breaking through limiting beliefs about what you deserve and feeling more confident, inspired, and excited about what you already have–and what you are capable of!

✓ Feeling crazy-positive about yourself, your current circumstances, and your future!

✓  Feeling calm and happy as you receive the abundance in all its forms

If you want these things for yourself (and who doesn’t?!) then this work might be for you!


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Activate wonder using Quantum Human Design to become your authentic self, find your purpose, and create increased ease and flow, so you can have the success and happiness you long for.

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Accelerate abundance with expert guidance. Clear challenges, blocks, and limitations with ease.  Access tools and proven strategies to live the rest of your life authentically empowered.

Amplify your inner magic.  Get clarity on how to use your spiritual gifts and expand them to meet your full potential. Manifest miracles and happiness.

Join me on the journey to unlocking your full potential

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Would you like to know the next steps to manifest your heart’s desire?

Then let’s discuss what your dreams are, what you’ve tried, what’s working and what’s not, and yes, a map of your next steps to manifest your goals, dreams, and desires.

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