Imagine having a guidebook to your soul that unveils your gifts, and your purpose, while revealing the unique magic you bring to this world…

Well, you don’t have to imagine because here it is!

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Ready to become the full expression of yourself?

There is one thing that can change everything…

And it is knowing and understanding your human design.

Human design is the key to letting go of who you are “supposed to be” so you can stop living the life you are settling for and become who you were designed to be.  Embody your authentic self, see and accept your magnificence, and unapologetically step into your power.  

What is Quantum Human Design?

Quantum Human Design™ is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, The Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system, and quantum physics. 

Your unique human design reveals your superpowers, life purpose, and soul curriculum.

When you live true to your design you can make better decisions, recover from burnout, understand your energy cycle, see your strengths instead of flaws, and love yourself.   

Everything you want happens with less resistance and more ease and flow.

And the best part? You get to feel like your authentic soul-aligned self along the way.

Amplify Your Inner Magic with Human Design:

  • Uncover your life and career purpose.

  •  Accept and understand your true self.

  • Explore your energetic makeup.

  • Identify and use your unique gifts effectively.

  • Avoid burnout by learning how to use your energy wisely.

  • Live your truth and honor your natural decision-making style.

  • Find uninterrupted flow and step into your highest potential.

  • Gain greater awareness of your character for success in social and career situations.

  • Foster your creativity and increase productivity.

The world needs the REAL YOU — standing in your power, loving who you are, living your purpose, and being happy.



Hey there! A basic reading will delve into your Human Design Type and Strategy, shedding light on your unique energy and decision-making style. Through this reading, you’ll explore how your personal energy functions in the world.

Discover the best way to make decisions, find your true calling, live out your life’s purpose, nurture relationships that celebrate your individuality, boost your vitality and well-being, and kickstart your journey toward the truly fulfilling life you dream of.

This is an introduction to your chart.

We discuss strategy, authority, definition, and profile.

This is the first step to understanding who you are in Human Design.

A video recording of your reading is provided for you to rewatch whenever and a report explaining your chart for you to refer back to.

It’s been a few weeks since my session with Conde for my Human Design Reading, and I’m slowly embracing and learning how to be an Orchestrator. Realizing I’m an Orchestrator has helped me see things more clearly, like understanding why I’ve done certain things in the past.

“Conde gave me great advice on how to live as an Orchestrator. Understanding the traits of an Orchestrator has made significant improvements in how I view my life, my actions, and my decisions. Surprisingly, making decisions is so much easier for me now. Also, hopefully, moving forward, I won’t seem so annoying when I’m just trying to help my friends and family.

I really want to thank you, Conde, for the helpful session. I’ve got some good ideas now for making positive changes in my life and truly understanding myself. I feel more confident and ready to pursue happiness and success.

So, Conde, thank you so very much for being you. You’ve truly helped me find my way to a happier life!”

sacral session

Sacral Session

Alchemist/Generators and Manifesting Generators have a very special Inner Authority that can help them make powerful decisions to find the right work, right relationships, good health, and more. To access this Inner Authority, a Generator and Manifesting Generator sometimes need help activating or  “turning on” their Inner Authority.

A Sacral Session can help Generators and Manifesting Generators “turn on” their Inner Authority and work with them to gain clarity in their lives.

These sessions are for Generators and Manifesting Generators who are just discovering their Inner Authority, or for any Sacral Being who needs to respond to get clarity about a specific life situation.