Private sessions are recorded for your convenience.

Sessions may include the following:

Energetic Healing Sessions designed to balance your body’s energy systems so your body mind and spirit can heal itself.  This also helps open spiritual connection and gifts, and release blocks and unwanted energy that no longer serves you.

One on One Coaching is presented and guided by the divine. It provides you with the support and accountability you need to overcome obstacles and belief systems that create and propel stress and anxiety. It sometimes provides astonishing insight to what the root cause of the challenge or problem really is. It also helps you build confidence while gaining clarity about what it is you really desire to manifest without settling for less than you deserve.

Essential oils are an integral part  of physical and emotional wellness.  Most sessions will include the aromatic use of essential oils such as Wild Orange, Geranium or Cypress, unless another specific oil or blend is recommended.

Tapping Sessions significantly reduce emotional reactivity to life’s experiences, so you feel calmer. It is also helpful in releasing unresolved emotions and trauma so that manifesting becomes easier.

Energetic Clearing removes blocks to receiving, healing, and manifesting your desires.  It clears limiting beliefs, karmic energy and other blocks that keep from moving in the direction you would like.  Energetic clearing helps you build the momentum required to create the life of your dreams.

Super Conscious Clearing quickly reprograms your brain to create more success and happiness in life.  This process accesses the superconscious mind to clear negative memories and emotions, limiting beliefs and trauma.  It is powerful tool that is simple to use.


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