How Your Mindset Affects Your Success and Failure

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Do you ever look around and wonder how other people succeed in life and you just feel like a failure? You don’t understand why you can’t get a better job, make more money, be happier, more confident, and have better relationships. You tend to blame everything from your childhood to your circumstances, but it doesn’t change [...]

Living in Lack: 5 Areas of Your Life A Scarcity Mindset Can Sneakily Hold You Back

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Living in Lack: 5 Areas of Your Life A Scarcity Mindset Can Sneakily Hold You Back   A scarcity mindset will have you believing in limits. Time is limited. Money is limited. Even you are limited at what you can accomplish. It’s like putting blinders on to everything good in the world and focusing only on [...]

The single most important thing to know about manifesting anything.

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Truth bomb for the day-- you are manifesting all the time and you do it with your feelings. How you feel is your gauge for alignment. feel good = aligned feel bad = not aligned Simple right, not really we are complicated beings. :) If you are struggling to manifest what you desire it may be [...]

4 Thoughts People with High Self-Worth Have

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The most confident and happy people we know are the ones who have high self-worth. But how did they get that way? Are some people just born with a better sense of value? Or do they make a practice of acting a certain way, which helps to keep them feeling positive about who they are? [...]

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